A recent survey of doctors who used Formula 303 in their practices daily for many years (the longest being 14 years) revealed that it was 80 - 85% effective for the relief of muscle spasms, tension and stress. Formula 303 was considered by them to be the product of choice for these and related conditions.

Those surveyed considered Formula 303 to be extremely safe with only an occasional reported side effect of gastric upset that was usually relieved by taking it with food. Less than 1/10 of 1% reported drowsiness that was immediately relieved by reducing dosage or discontinued use of the product.


Formula 303 is not habit forming and has no side or after effects.

There have been no reported adverse reactions from taking Formula 303 with other medications.

No adverse effects have been reported from the use of Formula 303 during pregnancy. However, if pregnant or nursing a baby, the patient should seek the advice of a health care professional before using this product. This does not mean that it cannot be used when pregnant or lactating, it means that it should be used only on a doctor's recommendation. (This warning is now required by the FDA for this and many preparations of this nature, including aspirin.)


The following table summarizes data obtained in a survey of physicians, mainly chiropractors, who had been using a combination of valerian root, passion flower (passiflora) and magnesium carbonate - the ingredients in Formula 303 - for a period of not less than one year, and sometimes for much longer periods. Over 400 confidential respondents were included in the survey and were asked to list all conditions for which they successfully used the combination.
Muscle Spasm 249 Lumbar sprain/strain 4
Tension/Stress 153 Myalgia 4
Insomnia 142 Myofacitis 4
Pain/soreness 47 Myositis, cervical & lumbar 4
Nervousness 33 Restlessness 4
Muscle strain/sprain 30 Arthritis 3
Lower back pain/spasms 25 Backache 3
Headache 23 Hyperactivity 3
Depression/anxiety 22 Stomach/colon spasms 3
Muscle relaxant 19 Bursitis 2
Injury (car, sports, etc.) 15 Dysmenorrhea 2
Menstrual cramps 11 Muscular hypertension 2
Disc syndromes 8 Stop smoking 2
PMS 8 Apnea, kidney stones, ulcers, indigestion, fatigue, bruxism 1
Cramps 7 Cervical spasms 1
Muscle stiffness 7 Joint pain 1
Sciatic nerve conditions 7 Migraine 1
Hypertension 6 Muscle-ligament sprain w/inflammation 1
Inflammation 6 Muscle-tendon sprain 1
Neuritis/neuralgia 6 Narcolepsy 1
Neck pain/spasms 5 Pain/aches from driving 1
Hyperirritability 4 Psychosomatic disorders 1


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